Google Panda to Be Released To Roam Freely in Google Algorithm Shake Up

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

pandaThere have been a number of revelations that have been reported to have come out of SMX West and it seems that Google's Matt Cutts was in the mood to share some interesting insight with the SEO community, first telling us that there will be a Google Panda update hitting the search engine results either tomorrow or Monday next week then sharing the frightening news that Google are working on "a new generation" of Google Penguin which will promises to be the biggest update to date.

With the SEO community alive with the sound of a Google Panda update within the next few days, it seems fitting to report that Matt Cutts also revealed that Google were looking to make the Panda update more integrated with their algorithm, resulting in a more frequent running of the update which was designed to combat website spam within their search engine results.

Described as being likely to become a "real time" update, Google Panda will be added into the general ranking algorithm used within the search engine, meaning that the factors that the update focuses on will be rolled into the ranking cycle amid the elements that are currently in operation, which Cutts revealed will result in more regimented declines in rankings for offending websites, rather than having specific dates that would cause steep declines in search engine visibility.

Although the prospect of a rolling spam catcher seems to be appealing to many, the percentage of innocent sites that have been caught up within the previous roll outs shows that the Panda update filters are far from being reliable, so there could well be some interesting times ahead for website owners and a new found fear that you have to comply or risk frequent drops within your rankings.

The idea in general seems to be a positive one but with evidence that the elements within the update still need work, there is a fear that casualties that find themselves slipping within the rankings will increase on a larger scale, so there could well be a teething period in which the roll outs will have to be reverted in order to work towards a cleaner search engine.

According to SearchEngineLand, Google Panda could be feed into the regular algorithm as early as this upcoming update however that would mean that the increased frequency of the roll out would allow for quicker Panda recoveries should you find yourself caught up within the filter.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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