Google’s Mobile Update To Not Negatively Impact Non-Responsive Sites?

by Alex Graves

Google announced that they would be releasing a new mobile search algorithm that would look to use how mobile friendly your website is as a ranking factor within their mobile search results and with the confirmation that they would be giving those of us that do offer a strong mobile user experience a ranking factor boost, the online community has instantly switched their attention to making sure that their site offers a strong mobile user experience, but has John Mueller just revealed that sites that fail to offer a mobile friendly version will still be able to rank well within mobile search?

A slide from John Mueller’s presentation

While conducting the latest of the Google Webmaster Help Hangouts, John began his session with a short but to the point slideshow focused around what Google are going to be looking for in order to deem your site to be mobile friendly, pointing out that there are quick solutions available out there for those of you that use CMS based platforms such as Blogger or WordPress and those of similar focus.

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Google to Acknowledge Mobile Friendly Factors in New Algorithm Update

by Matt Barnes

The official news came just hours ago that the world's leading search engine will be making notable changes to its mobile algorithm. Mobile friendly websites have been a key focus in recent years with businesses looking to appeal to a larger market and make browsing and purchasing on the go

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Link Removals – Gathering & Cleaning The Data

by Craig Addyman

I've thought about writing this for some time now as I think it must be difficult for in-house SEO's and marketing managers to tackle such a thing as a link analysis and the removal of bad links, sure if you only have a handful of links pointing to your site

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Speaking at the London Affiliate Conference – 2nd February

by David Naylor

This coming Monday I’m heading off down to London with Becky to speak alongside Fili Wiese and Bastian Grimm on the Advanced SEO panel and moderating the talk will be Nichola Stott. The full days schedule can be seen here. We have been speaking at the London Affiliate Conference for

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Have Google Released A Mobile Algorithm, We Think So…

by Alex Graves

Google have never made their plans for a better search engine experience a secret and have consistently tried to make changes to their search engine that would reflect what they believe to be the best search engine experience that users can find online and speculation in the industry this week

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We’re Hiring!

by Craig Addyman

To kick off the New Year we are hiring a few positions to keep up with the demand of our lovely clients and the influx of clients we have taken on over the last few months. If you like what we do and would like to be a part of

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