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by Alex Graves

Well we have been quiet on the blogging front for a while now and that simply spans from the level of workload that we have going on at Bronco, however as I know that some of you guys will be ready for a new injection of market knowledge, I thought that I would do a quick follow up to the vast ‘part stories' that have been overlooked recently by the blog.

Google Drops Latest Google+ Post From Brand Page Displays – June 30th 2015

Google's social networking platform Google+ has failed to deliver the response that the search engine giants were hoping for and like Facebook and Twitter's ugly sister, it has faded into the background over recent years – even seeing Google removing some of their own support for the platform within their search engine result pages!

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SEJ Summit – I’m speaking

by David Naylor

Later today, I'm heading off to London to speak at the invite only Search Engine Journal conference aka SEJ Summit 2015. I've been invited to speak on two session’s, firstly I'm kicking off the day with an overview of SEO and PR and how you can combine the 2 for

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Google Say No Update Over The Weekend – Results Suggesting Otherwise?

by Alex Graves

Okay so earlier today I created a post that was focused towards the organics movement that was being witnessed across the online community and asked whether it was possible that the search engine giants could have finally rolled out an update of their Google Panda algorithm, an algorithm that had

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Did Google Panda Just Update?

by Alex Graves

UPDATE: Google says that there was no update over the weekend Well it seems that the online community are questioning whether Google were busy over the bank holiday weekend, with speculation and thoughts being discussed on a widespread basis towards whether Google had pushed an update of their Google Panda

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Majestic Announce Changes Needed For Webmaster Tools Data

by Alex Graves have released news that due to recent changes to the Google API they need to be able to gain additional permissions in order for users to continue to make use of their access to information related to linked Google Webmaster Tools accounts. The short blogpost which was published yesterday

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