Yahoo data in Bing Webmaster Tools

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Last week the Bing Webmaster Center Blog announced the integration of Yahoo traffic data into Bing Webmaster Tools reports (you an read the announcement here).

People have started noticing the data appear in their accounts, similar to Google Webmaster Tools, you can see the number of impressions, clicks and the CTR by keyword – but with a difference, you can see which are on Bing and which are on Yahoo.

Today we logged into the Dave Naylor Bing Webmaster Center account and found the following graph (click to enlarge):

Sadly there really isn’t many impressions for the keywords for it to be statistically significant, with Dave (who gets a shed load of organic traffic) having his top keyword as “msnlive” with 442 impressions, hardly worth shouting about.

This is no doubt going to be very helpful to those of you based in the US, perhaps less so to those based in the UK where Google still have over 90% share of the search market.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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