Thanksgiving Fluctuations Confirmed To Be Penguin 3.0 Still Rolling Out

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

At the closing end of last month there were reports that people within the online community were reporting that they were seeing Google Penguin related movement, with some claiming that they had seem improvement in their sites that were previously impacted by the algorithmic update at an earlier date.

This lead to thoughts that Google could have hit us with a double rollout of the update after over 12 months of waiting for Penguin 3.0 to arrive, however Barry over at Search Engine Roundtable has shared that he was able to get an ‘on the record' comment from someone within Google over the possibility that we could have seen Google Penguin 3.1 rolling out over the Thanksgiving weekend.

October 22nd 2014 saw the official release of Google Penguin into the search results after a extended period of absence and now roughly 6 weeks on people have claimed to have witnessed movement within their rankings both positive and negative, depending on which side of the line that they have chosen to tread, although some claims of recovery have been seen within the blackhat community too.

Reaching out to Google for comment, Barry was able to get confirmation that the movements were Penguin related, however what could be more of a shock to many is that this is not a second rollout that we have seen this year, instead the official word is that this is still Google Penguin 3.0 rolling out.

The comment which came from Google said "The Penguin rollout is ongoing, and this is just the effect of that."

So read that as you wish… Is this a Penguin update spanning for more than 6 weeks unlike we have seen before or have they really got something that can run all of the time?

I personally think that it is more likely that they are right in saying this is the same update as the ranking movements across various niches is showing instability at best, so keep an eye on your link profile and tread that line unless you want to run the risk of still being in line for some Penguin action…

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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