Should I Disavow Links Even Though The Site Isn’t Penalised?

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Ever since the release of the Google Disavow tool within the Webmaster Tools platform, there has been confusion over to the impact that it would have on the site you disavow links on and that has meant that many website owners have refused to use the tool due to belief that the tool would be giving Google information about their link profile.

Well the latest Webmaster Help video with Matt Cutts has moved to lift some of that misty air following a question from James in Bristol:


The question asked was aimed to help James determine whether he should use the Disavow tool to clean up his backlink profile after suspicion that his site was being targeted through negative SEO, saying that he had already tried to make contact with the spammy site owners to have the links removed but had no success.

Cutts revealed that he would recommend using the tool to inform Google that you would like specific links to be treated as non-equity passing placements in a bid to avoid penalty action being taken against the site, pointing out that the tool can also be used to perform sanity checks on your link profile.

Although Cutts is widely recognised as being the Head of Google Web Spam team, there will be a number of website owners that will still believe that the tool is not something that they should be using but we have seen the impact that the tool can have on sites that are suffering from penalisation and will continue to ‘landscape' link profiles as we see necessary with the tool.

You can see the full video below:

Do you use the Disavow tool to maintain a clean backlink profile or do you believe that doing so could cause underlying issues?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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