SEO destroyed Google for SEO’s

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

well I’m a SEO, so I should know and this is how the internet was destroyed.

Quite a few years ago now before I became the SEO I am, I used to be like everyone else, I would go to a Search Engine, type in what I wanted clicked a few blue links and either bought something or was informed about what I was searching for, it used to take a few seconds and I was Happy, But today things are so different.

So now when I search, I still click a few blue links but do I buy or get informed NO.. I look at the links on the page I have just landed on, but I don’t see them as links, I see NoFollow and Followed links, if I landed on a page with five links and 1 is followed and the rest aren’t , I think that the followed link was a purchased link or just part of this webmasters network ( I would spend 10 – 20 minutes to prove that ) and the nofollow links are affiliate link or just wasted links. and if it was a high pagerank blog, omg I need check to see if the comments are followed or not ..

but it gets worse I have to find the H1 then copy it, and see if page ranks #1 in Google for that phrase then I start deleting words to see how it ranks for shorter tail version of it’s H1, so what’s that all about, I have even found myself shouting at my laptop, can’t you see that the Title and H1 are not SEO synchronised what is this webmaster doing….

But it doesn’t stop there I have an IP to country plugin to show me where the site is hosted, so that I can also check to see if the page I have just found also ranks just as well in the local Serps.. why I have found the page already, just Buy something or be informed I hear myself say, obviously if the site is ranking well for long and short tails queries, in both .com and localised search then have to check the back links out, I have to find the authority links. but by the time I have done all this seriously, I have forgot what I was looking for or why I was searching in the first place, but hell I know why that page was ranking so well..

Then I remember what it was I looking for, not to fall into the same trap I use a different keyword phrase, and sure enough I hear myself swearing under my breath #1 the WIKI the next 3 sites are MFA’s or comparison sites, so I get on my MSN messenger ping a friend and ask them !! and that’s why SEO destroys the internet

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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