New Twitter button and the end of tweetmeme

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Ok the end of Tweetmeme happened for me a while ago, I use Topsy on David Naylor but the last few days I have been running 3 different Twitter buttons.

Topsy- my personal choice, data seems sound and doesn’t time out

Tweetmeme – twice yesterday I had time out errors and in the real-time web that sucks

Twitter button – seems to report a little low, see yesterday post :

182 v 252 that’s really off IMO but my real hate comes from the fact that the tweet button takes you to the realtime results that doesn’t help at all ..

take this post the twitter button is showing :

Again a little low but my big bug bear is where the button takes you :

Twitter takes you here

Tweetmeme takes you here

Topsy here

The Twitter link takes me to a realtime search that yields nothing, so it actually looks like I faked the the number ( light bulb moment 😉 )

The Tweetmeme link doesn’t yield any data but it does confirm the number wasn’t a fake number 🙂

So why do I use topsy, OK first I’m a marketeer and love data especially when it’s useful data like :

These Highly Influential people tweeted that post, these people need to tweet ALL my posts, they drive traffic, now I didn’t pay them but the least I could do is thank them or better still follow them and retweet their tweets like adding oil to a finely tuned machine.


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