Microsoft do listen

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

It always surprises me when people scribble down notes in little notepads ( ALA Matt Cutts ), then they actually action on the things you say, Google over the year have been really good at this take GoogleGuy.. lol I have not said that in years, like GoogleDance and Update “Big Daddy”, “Florida” and “thatsgonnahurt”

Take this post in seroundtable

And proof that Google does listen to SEO’s suggestions:

At SES London, DaveN had a suggestion. He said: why don’t you give all pages an equal chance of seeing backlinks? That’s good for users, who will have a greater chance of seeing backlinks for a given page, and it’s especially good for smaller websites–they’d have a chance to see backlinks. It seemed like a good idea, so we implemented it. In fact, in order to give each page a better chance of seeing backlinks (instead of just the top M% of pages), we doubled the amount of backlinks that Google exports to the outside world. So users now have access to twice as much link: data as before; it’s just not all the top PageRank pages.

Anyway, we never really had a Conference face for Microsoft ( I have more MSFT contacts than Googlers !! now ) and they do listen !!!

Take Mel Carson, we have been asking for stuff to launch in the UK quicker or even first ;), after chatting with some of the US Reps, I know why ;).. now that excuse is fixed or getting fixed 😉

Last year we asked for a desktop tool like adwords desktop.. and whoa did adCenter provide and provide well, on Friday we saw it in action and it kicked arse !!, I have asked for screen shots but they are been all coy with me 🙂

We have been asking for more traffic ( ok tough fix ) but with quality comes traffic, with traffic comes clicks, then when I look at the recent Adword Money land grab the people I chatted to (The Big Agency Boys), well they weren’t happy with the quality… and I so want to say more on how MSFT is fixing this !! …

Think of a Search Engine that does NOT need Ad revenue until it’s happy with the Quality… Things like poor quality ads like “SEARCH on SEARCH” in my eyes is the same as dude on dude .. no one wants that first thing in the mornin …


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