MajesticSEO Get Approval of Firefox Add-On, Release Due Monday

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

We have just been told in great authority that MajesticSEO are set to announce their brand new Firefox Add-On version of their tool, further increasing the compatibility of one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market today.

Although MajesticSEO have already entered into the browser extension market with their release of their Google Chrome extension, the news that their release on Monday will open up their services to Mozilla Firefox browser users, giving them even quicker access to the information that they receive while using the tool.

majesticseo-addonOur source revealed a little insight into what Firefox users can expect from the Add-On, pointing out that the addition to your browser window will be well presented, unobtrusive and well created, finding a home for itself in the lower area of your browser window, with a quick click button the only thing on show until you need the tool to active.

Although MajesticSEO is considered to be better used with their paid accounts (I can confirm that the purchase will be well spent as it is one of my favourite tools), we have been informed that even those without a paid account for the tool can make use of the add-on, with backlink counts, referring domains and the MajesticSEO metrics being readily available to free users.

I am a Google Chrome user and have made use of the extension since it was released in December last year and luckily for me we have a fully paid access account, empowering an already strong SEO plugin to become even stronger.

With Firefox users about to be able to join the SEO tool plugin party that us Chrome users have been enjoying, you can expect that there will be a lot of people that are ready to dive into your site to find out what you are doing right (or wrong in their opinion), so if you thought that your SEO was complete, think again!

I would like to thank my source for the information that was provided for the post and can assure readers that all information is in line with the impending release of the add-on next week!

Want it before it is revealed on Monday?

You can download it now right here: but consider that just between me and you…

Are you a Mozilla Firefox user? If so will you be downloading the add-on?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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