MajesticSEO Announce New Lost and Found Feature

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

MajesticSEO have been at the forefront of the SEO tools industry for a vast amount of time in my own personal opinion but it seems that the arrival of competitive tools such as and others, Majestic have begun to once again improve their offering.

Their tool is already known to be one of the biggest SEO tools in the industry when it comes to crawling backlinks and being able to analyse what links both your own and your competitor sites have pointing into them but the progression of other similar tools has meant that the team over at Majestic have had to move onward with their development, hence the newly announced birth of their New/Lost links tab feature.

The latest addition to make it into the SEO powerhouse tool has been created to be able to make backlink profile analysis easier for website owners, allowing them to track their own profile in a way that has never been available before on the tool, creating a new air of clarity for those who are looking at their site in depth and giving an insight into the backlinks that are being added and removed into the site at any given time.

Due to the added clarity that you will now be able to see while analysing your profile, you will be able to try to determine elements that could have had direct actions on the performance of your site, so things such as an increase in search engine rankings or on the flip side, a decrease. This insight is created through the new graphs and information that is generated through the new upgrade, giving you chance to be able to see what links either being added or being removed from the site could have influenced such act, giving you chance to be able to act.

Obviously if you are like me and have the ability to be able to make use of more than just one tool, you will know that this is not a ground breaking development for the SEO industry as this is something that is already being offered by tools such as but MajesticSEO are not looking to hide that fact, pointing out on their own release notice that "There are some other tools out there that are trying to do this, but we wanted to do it better!", something which will take a little time for me to play about with their version of the tool to see whether they have achieved their goal or whether the time could have been better invested elsewhere.

Although the idea is not one that has been hatched out of a dark room in the development labs of the MajesticSEO building, the execution of the feature seems to be once again brilliant and keeps the clear and easy to understand layout that many of us have begun to love.

According to the post which was posted on the official website, the feature does come with the ability to be able to use it against both historic and fresh indexing data, the latter of the two obviously taking less time to report.

So which much discussion, let me show you what the new tool looks like (for those of you who don't already use the MajesticSEO tool).

New Links Tab

The newly found links that MajesticSEO identifies between indexing are placed into the ‘New' tab which allows you to see the links that you have freshly being pointing into your site (naturally of course), giving you the ability to be able to establish what links have been generated through the latest blog post or informational push that your site have created, showing that other website owners felt that the information that you had to share was worthwhile of a mention to the readers of their own site.

Depending on how you look at this data, you will be able to establish what sort of sites are linking into specific areas of coverage that you may have covered on your website and that means that you can then look to target the stronger sites in further additions to your site, after all we all want good quality links don't we?!

Lost Links Tab

The addition of a lost links tab means that you are now able to see what links have been removed from websites that were originally linking into you, giving you chance to be able to look at the sites and try to figure out why they might have felt that the link was no longer needed.

Although seeing links being removed is great so that you can try to keep a firm analysis of the profile that your website has, I think that the fact that this part of the upgrade allows you to be able to check the data and look at what links have been removed from the site around about the time that your site might suffer from a negative downturn is vital, meaning that if you do slip in the rankings and it appears to be close to the loss on one or more particular backlinks around that time, you can look to see how you can reclaim those positions and see whether your rankings return.

Changes to the Backlinks Analysis Page

For many SEO's in the industry, the clarity of the information that the previous version of the tool offered meant that it was easy to be able to look at specific backlinks as well as the data that supported them, such as the linking anchor text and the link URL that the link carried and having heard that there were going to be alterations to the layout, I was personally a little worried that it could become a little cluttered and make the experience whole lot more testing but looking at the tool now, those fears weren't needed.

The new layout of the data is almost identical to the previous version of the tool, however MajesticSEO have been able to incorporate further information without taking up a mass of additional space, now showing you when links were first indexed, when they were last seen within their crawl and when the link seemed to have been removed.

So with a slightly altered look that has not hampered the feel of the site or the clarity of the information as well as a new, more indepth dataset, I have to say that I do like the changes that have been implemented, however I would like to see more follow this release and to see that the creators are not simply going to sit back on the development plans just yet.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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