Is Google AdWords Keyword Tool Now More Accurate?

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

If you haven’t read it, we did a post last month on how inaccurate the Google AdWords Keyword tool is. Well we’ve just had Brent from Market Samurai point out that the search volume on “fish pond supplies” has now changed to 210 (see before and after screenshots below).



Interestingly we can also see from the screenshot that the seasonal variation hasn’t changed much – which kind of goes to prove that there was something wrong before and perhaps they’ve now, perhaps, got it fixed. It still doesn’t quite match up with the SK Tool – but we believe that is going to be redirected into the new tool – so I guess it won’t matter.

What is important about this is that we are no longer going to see all these people basing their online business on grossly overinflated deman estimates – I think most SEO’s during their career have seen someone start a business based on these figures online to find that the demand is a tenth, or even a hundredth of what they were expecting, resulting in business failure.

One of the keywords which I have noticed that has been updated is the keyword “marketing consultant”. Marketing consultant, was: 110,000, is now 1,000

Before Change

After Change

So it appears Google is making an effort to improve its data, which is very promising – I still think they need to do some more work on explaining where these calculations come from and why they appear different between all the tools. Would anyone from Google care to comment/enlighten us?

Update: Google have responded to the community on their forum, read more here.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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