Good News For Inbound Marketers: Is Cold Calling Still A Viable Option?

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I’ve been studying a load of material on my course this week run by the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing, and one thing that cropped up in a chapter of the main text book was that 12 million phone numbers had been registered with the Telephone Preference Service, at the time this accounted for 75% of UK households. On top of this 573 thousand businesses have registered with the Corporate TPS service.

What is the Telephone Preference Service?

The Telephone Preference Service was created to help consumers prevent being hassled with cold calls on a regular basis – I registered back in 2006 and I noticed the difference immediately. Basically companies wishing to cold call a consumer have to check it against the TPS list before they can do so, and now they have to do the same for businesses aswell.

More Than 15.1 million Phone Numbers Registered

75% of households was a bit of a shock to me, so I decided to see what the figure stands at now. Unfortunately the TPS chairman hasn’t done a report since September 2009 (2 years ago), but back in 2009 here were the figures:
– In July 2009 15.1 million phone numbers were regsitered on the TPS.
– More than 60% of all household landlines have been registered
– 1.7 million phone numbers from 60 thousand companies were registered with the CTPS

Now bare in mind this was in 2009, 2 years ago, and the TPS hasn’t actually given us an update since then. Surely this is obvious – with such a high proportion of the population signing up to this service, cold calling should be a banned business practice (also silent calls).

This is great news for all the inbound marketers out there, all you SEO specialists, PPC experts and such like – demand is only likely to increase for those of us who have embraced digital marketing.

Register With The TPS & Sign The Petition

If you want to register your phone number (personal or business) to stop cold callers, you can register your number on the TPS site.

If you would like to help make cold calling illegal in the UK, sign the e-petition on the government website.

Show Your Support

Please show your support and add this to widget your website:

15.1 million people can’t be wrong, Let’s Ban Cold Calling

Please use the code below:

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