Improving Your Adwords Quality Score Factors – Part 1

by Adam Lewin
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

This week Google has taken the action to ban certain poor quality Adwords accounts that they have deemed not suitable for a number of reasons. It seems that if you have had issues in the past with quality scores or have accounts that have recently taken a manual review and been hit with 1/10 page quality score, then you may have either received a warning email for your first offence or if you're really unlucky an instant suspension. This current culling by Google seems only to be affecting accounts with a quality score of 1/10, mainly hitting the affiliates the hardest.  So here are a few suggestions as to how to keep your keywords relevant and how this quality score is decided.

As we all may well know quality score relates to relevancy of individual keywords and click through rate (CTR,) ad text content, landing page relevance and load time. As well as how Google sees the relation and relevance to the searcher, which is predetermined by Google's historical search data for that keyword, but also historical search data from your account.

So as long as you make the keyword and ad text content as relevant as possible to the landing page and have a quick loading landing page the only thing you really need to concentrate on is maintaining a clean tidy campaign, high in relevance and CTR, but its easier said than done!

Anything with low CTR on the search network could potentially affect the whole account so keeping the CTR up is hugely important, and the only way to do that is by making the advert as relevant to the keyword as possible and constantly expanding on negative keywords to stop those ads showing for anything unrelated. If you find that you have a consistently bad performing keyword that just won't perform regardless of changes, rather than flogging a dead horse getting rid is much better, as it could potentially affect the whole account.

So if you manage to achieve the holy grail of 10/10 quality score for your keyword/s then you will benefit from a cheaper cost per click as well as better ad positioning. We see a lot of Adwords campaigns at Bronco and we do our best to maintain a high quality score for clients which in turn makes the overall campaign stronger and ensures the budget is well managed.

Adam Lewin – Adwords Qualified Individual

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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