Google using Search Logs for Quailty

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I’M trying to workout why Google have come forward with this,

quote from Google :

Data from search logs is one tool we use to fight webspam and return cleaner and more relevant results. Logs data such as IP address and cookie information make it possible to create and use metrics that measure the different aspects of our search quality (such as index size and coverage, results “freshness,” and spam).

Whenever we create a new metric, it’s essential to be able to go over our logs data and compute new spam metrics using previous queries or results. We use our search logs to go “back in time” and see how well Google did on queries from months before. When we create a metric that measures a new type of spam more accurately, we not only start tracking our spam success going forward, but we also use logs data to see how we were doing on that type of spam in previous months and years.

The IP and cookie information is important for helping us apply this method only to searches that are from legitimate users as opposed to those that were generated by bots and other false searches. For example, if a bot sends the same queries to Google over and over again, those queries should really be discarded before we measure how much spam our users see. All of this–log data, IP addresses, and cookie information–makes your search results cleaner and more relevant.

So where are the pitfalls here, first off the big one that jumps out here is the amazing amounts of botnets and malware that’s out there in the wild that could be set to create fake traffic..

example: botnet users

search google for : keyword phrase you want to rank for,automate page click through keep on google don’t pass you brand, if brand found fake a click. If brand not found in first 2 -5 pages, random per user, search brand + keyword, + keyword


log spamming has been around for years, also if you thought you need protection before from Google, set up a caching proxy, take all your own data and look at you search patterns what sites you visit, a there are couple of things you will notice,

so you might want to do or at least think about.

a) Think about work search V personal searches
b) Install, foxy proxy or another firefox proxy plugin
c) Make sure you purge your cookie on closing your browse
d) Run a dictionary on google when your not searching
e) Pray that Sergy never wants to be the president of America


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