Google Updates Rise and Falls Documented Clearly by Sistrix

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
sistrix-logoWith so many Google updates being rolled into the search engine results over recent years it can be hard to see what impact each roll out has on your site but Sistrix, an SEO tool, has taken steps to give a valuable insight into how your website might have seen a change in search engine visibility following the updates coming into force.

In a move that will be sure to offer better insight into the alteration of search engine visibility within the German market, Sistrix have created a fresh and interesting tool which gives site owners the chance to be able to see how their site fared following the updates, showing changes in visibility clearly for each update release.

Unfortunately the tool only shows the changes within and any further plans to release the tool into further countries is still to be discussed to the best of our knowledge, but neither the less, the tool is a brilliant release which will be very helpful to global brands that want to have a presence over multiple countries.

In the well created tool details can be found the Google updates are placed onto a timeline with specific dates given for each, including Google Panda, Penguin, EMD and others , and the search engine visibility is presented in an easy to understand manner with the indicators showing you clearly whether your entered URL saw an increase or decrease in visibility as a result of the update.

sistrixFor any brands or sites out there that are looking to rank within the German market, this tool is a vital tool to be able to see how your site is truly performing and may be able to show you where your site could have been affected by the updates that Google have released into the industry, allowing you to be able to try to pin point any issues that your site could have experienced.

All that we would like to see being added to the tool is the support of further markets, UK and US based specifically but the wider scale that Sistrix can achieve with their data would increase the use of the tool on a much wider scale.

I know that I won’t be the only one that will be dropping Johannes and Ralph an email plea to support more markets!

What do you guys think about the tool? Would you take a look if it supported more markets that were relevant to you?


I have now been informed that there is a US and UK version of the tool which can be found at

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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