Google Once Again Take Out Network With “No footprint” As Falls

by Alex Graves
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Search engine giants Google have once again shown their ability to determine relationship of websites even though the main hub claims that there are no viable footprints to tie the sites together, announcing that they have taken action against guest blogging network

Although it seems to just another instance of guest blogger network elimination, it should be mentioned that was different to, another guest blogging network that has been subjected to the Google penalty exodus that seems to be in full swing at the moment, but both sites have suffered the same fate… De-indexation for their brand following an unnatural links warning message via the Google Webmaster Tools platform.

In a short conversation, head of Google Web Spam team, Matt Cutts replied to a tweet from a user known as ‘techtada' and was seen to confirm the action taken against the site:


Clearly showing that Google are stepping up to the challenge set out by networks such as PostJoint that claim there are no footprints linking the sites within their network, Cutts pointed out that making such claims makes Google want to debunk that claim, saying that statements like those was like "waving a giant red flag."

Following Matt's tweeted reply to ‘techtada' another Googler took to the social network site to help offer a little advise for those sites that are wanting to make such a claim [that there are no footprints to tie sites together], pointing followers of the conversation to a page on centred around how to prevent Googlebot from being able to access their site.


The message seemed to be clear, if Google can crawl your site… There is always a footprint of anything that is untoward. issued a confirmation that action had been taken against their site in the form of a blogpost in which they seemed to want to poke Google a little more with the ‘angry stick', saying that although they have suffered actions against their site, they have only seen 16% of the sites within their network suffering from the penalisation.

In the same blogpost, author Saleem Yaqub pushed out a parody version of a Webmaster Tools message, claiming that the site have never built a backlink into their profile and so the actual warning that mentioned unnatural links pointing into their website was unjustified.


Yaqud revealed what PostJoint believe Google were trying to say, creating a fake message and sharing that within their post (however it seems that some sites have failed to realise that this is FAKE).

With their own version of the Webmaster Tools message out of the way, PostJoint issued a little guidance for their members that have been affected by the latest bout of penalisations, suggesting that they would need to "clear things up and get your site back into Google's good books."

Further suggestions included taking the time to add a no-follow attribute to "questionable links" however says that site owners should use their messaging system to alert advertisers of the actions that they are taking before submitting a reconsideration request.

Although it seems that there is a large focus on guest bloggers and sites that bring interested sites and advertisers together, however PostJoint are just a small number in the recent guideline enforcing wave that Google seem to be pushing at the moment, some larger brands across various markets finding themselves on the wrong side of the search giants too.

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