Google Farm Businesses Out of Google Plus

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Google have today revealed that they are hot on the trail of businesses that are looking to create profiles within the Google+ social networking site, speaking out in a post on the platform to inform the public that they are looking to prevent businesses for joining the site through the incorrect methods.

Since the news that Google+ has hit the internet, flocks of individuals, companies and partnerships have looked to create accounts in which to be able to market their products to the increasing number of Google+ users that are creating accounts on a daily basis.

Although Google are willing to allow businesses to feature within the site, they have told of their move to delete profiles that were created by companies in a bid to keep the site clean and in line with the way in which they hope the site will operate.

Christian Oestlien posted what he called an update on Google+ and businesses, calling Google+ users "a persistent bunch".

Oestlien revealed that while the influx of users have been flooding to the site, Google have taken a step back in a move that allows them to see how the new social networking site develops and that they had seen that businesses were joining the site and being asked to give a gender.

The Google project manager tells of how the site has had to remove the likes of Ford from the site after realising that the companies were making spoof accounts that showed them as having a gender.

The movement to delete company profiles from the existing database is not down to the fact that the site does not welcome them but more that the business aspect of the site is still not completed, the post saying that it should be launched later this year.

Oestlien told of how the business element of the site would be "amazing" and has assured businesses that their wait will not go unrewarded.

Google are currently taking applications from businesses that are looking to become part of the Google+ networking circle with a view to select a number of the registered companies to take place in limited testing as well as qualifying the business to receive status updates on the development.

This move many seem harsh to a number of readers but the signs that Google are looking to keep their platform clean and as ‘to plan' as possible is a very encouraging sign for me and many others, could they really be about to try to absorb so of the Facebook market?

Hard to tell but will be interesting to watch from the front line.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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