Google Confirm New Update Ready – Will Take Until After 4th July To Complete

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

With Google consistently bringing new and ‘improved' alterations to their algorithm in the form of various updates it seems that their fight to clean up the web is still very much in the early stages following reports that revealed that a car insurance website was able to generate over 1,000 referring domains in a very short time period to climb into second position in this past week.

With car insurance being one of the many competitive niche areas online these days, it was never going to be a long period of time before the quick raise towards the peak of the search engine results was going to be noticed and looked into, with SEO's taking to social networking site Twitter to share their thoughts.

As always, the conversation was quickly thrown into the eye line of Google's Matt Cutts who commented back via a Tweet to reveal that he had already seen the result making its way through the rankings and assured people that Google are working on sorting the issue out.

With comments being asked as to how the site was able to escape the filters that Google maintain to have in place to stop such a technique and be able to rank well within the results, Cutts then revealed that there was a new update that was already in operation within their search engine results that is designed to combat instances like these.


In his tweet, Cutts said:

"yup, we saw that. Multi-week rollout going on now, from next week all the way to the week after July 4th"

A look at the car insurance search results at the time of writing this post seems to show that Google have taken action against the site and have removed it from their acquired position, we weren't fast enough to be able to grab hold of the offending domain to be able to take a look in a little more detail as to where the links could possibly have been sourced, but if you know what it was and would like me to have a deeper look into the site… Drop me the URL and I will see what I can turn up.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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