Google Fully Confirm the Mobile Friendly Algorithm Has Finally Rolled Out

by Matt Barnes
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Google's very own Gary Illyes (@methode) has confirmed on Twitter that the algorithm has fully rolled out, leaving only the indexing stage to occur before we start seeing impact.

Many people within the world of digital marketing have been kept on the edge of their seats for a while now since the mobile friendly update took place on April 21st. Mobilegeddon as it's been labelled by industry fanatics and the press was said to bring a whole new index into play for mobile search, improving a user's experience and the quality of the results.

What we do know for a fact, is that Google are hard at work to ensure that their mobile audience are provided with the best experience possible, offering a more mobile friendly interface, adding "mobile friendly" tags within the results and testing numerous methods to indicate a websites speed to the user.

In the build up to the big day, speculation was given as to what would happen and how websites would benefit / suffer from this "significant" update, with people expecting to see mass fluctuation in SERPS and the de-indexing of some companies… But there hasn't been any signs of pain here in the UK just yet.

The US on the other hand have been starting to see some results as covered in one of our recent posts on the David Naylor blog here.

This morning, Gary Illyes who is a webmaster trends analyst at Google has confirmed that the update is fully rolled out, however he has said that not all pages are indexed yet, meaning they do not qualify for the new scores until this has happened.

Gary Illyes Twitter
Additionally, he also mentioned that many webmasters and businesses we're extremely reactive in releasing a responsive website in the run up to the update, reducing the amount of websites hit by the update considerably.

Gary Illyes Twitter

Perhaps the fact we are currently in a "Google Limbo" is a good thing for developers across the UK frantically running around to meet deadlines but how long really do they have left? The good news is, Google have clarified that the update once fully rolled out, will be reactive to peoples actions. For those who have stumbled over the deadline don't have to worry too much about their website de-indexing either, as once rectified, these again should be rewarded for having a mobile friendly site.

For those who have met their deadlines, they can relax a little knowing they're favoured for having a mobile friendly website, leaving them only slightly in the midst of not knowing where their website will rank.

So far, nothing has become apparent here at Bronco, which explains why the digital marketing community is still relatively quiet after seeing little affect to their websites visibility following DDay (April 21st).

What do we expect the next 2 weeks to bring? Are things going to get considerably worse? Or are we in a position to accept that what we are experiencing now is the worst we will see of the update?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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