Google Analytics Overlay Gets A Revamp – Introducing In-Page Analytics

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Yep you heard it here first, the site overlay report on Google Analytics appears to be missing, instead it has been replaced by a very similar report called the “In-Page Analytics” report. Interestingly it still has the same problem as the old overlay report in that it can’t differentiate between the different locations of links going to the same URL. So for example you may have a home button at the top and the bottom of your page, but it would attribute them the same percentage of clicks.

Could This Be The End Of Crazy Egg?
It looks like the problem with not being able to differentiate between links is about to change – two things seem to be hinting at this. First up is that they now have a big horizontal bar telling you what percentage of clicks occured below the point you are currently looking at.

The second interesting change is that if you look at the report for a single page it has a button to In-Page Analytics saying “Click Patterns. In-Page Analytics (Beta). Click Data On Top Of Your Website” – this leads me to believe we are going to be seeing some huge changes to site overlay report on Google Analytics soon.

You can also filter by all kinds of metrics (I’m not sure if this is new or not – I never used the overlay because it sucked so much), so you can filter by keyword, by location, by browser, new or returning visitor – this opens up a whole World of useful functionality, if they solve the problem I referred to above.

The only major gripe I’ve got with it at the moment is that when I go onto the website in question I still seem to get the overlay, but you appear to be able to close it!

Anyways, watch this space, as we may all be getting free Crazy Egg like functionality soon (or better)!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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