Google Admit That Too Many New Pages At Once Could Cause Manual Review

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

We are all aware that Google have revealed that they are looking for websites to stay fresh and to keep the content of their site related to what their site is focusing on but in the latest video with Matt Cutts, an interesting question was raised surrounding the creation of large quantities of pages being added to a website in a short period of time.

Although we know that this doesn't directly concern over 99.9% of website owners, it seems that if you are thinking about adding a new site onto the web that has been created behind closed doors and have hundreds of thousands of pages (likely situation being that you are opening an ecommerce store or likewise), you may want to think about how you are going to open your site up to the search engines.

In a question put to Matt Cutts by another Google employee, John Mueller, Matt reveals that having a site of that size would present you with a couple of options when it came to opening the site up to the search engines. The original question was based on finding out what the best form of action would be when looking to open a site that has a vast number of pages, whether to open the flood gates from the very beginning and allow Google to work through the site or whether to open up sections of the site at regular intervals.

Mueller asked whether he should add an archive of hundreds of thousands of pages to a site all at once or whether he should look to stagger the release of those pages.

Cutts explains in the video that there are multiple options available to website owners with this dilemma, pointing out that although Google is more than equipped to be able to handle the release of all the pages being made at once, there would be a risk that having so many pages accredited to the site in such a short period of time would run the risk of raising a ‘Red Flag' within the Google systems, which would lead to a manual review of your site.

One thing that Matt did point out in the video is that Google do realise that there are sites out there that would be able to justify such a large release of new pages but said that the prospect of all of those pages being unique content and high quality was extremely unlikely, although not impossible.

You can check out the video below:

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