DMOZ Culls Over 1 Million Sites As They Clean Up Their Directory

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

DMOZ are one of the oldest online site directories in the industry and are thought to be held in high regard by users due to their nature of manually reviewing all submissions that are made to their site but it seems that with the site looking to perform a clean up of their content, they have taken the decision to remove more than 1 million websites from their listings.


First spotted by a member of the webmaster forums at DigitalPoint Forums, the site have updated their statistics that are located within the footer of the site, formerly showing 5,310,345 websites that were listed in their listings but the new figures that are showing show a huge reduction of those, now presenting 4,261,763 websites.

As well as taking the decision to reduce the number of sites that feature within their site, DMOZ have also reduced the number of editors that they have appointed to be able to keep their directory clean, showing a reduction of over 10,000 editors during the recent cull.

The change seems to be a shock to many based on the lack of communication that seems to have been shared by the site regarding the decision to remove so many websites and editors from their website, however there was a recent release of a blogpost on their site that revealed that they are now offering a new ‘Report Listing' feature that will prompt a member of their editor pool to review a listing based on arguments that are placed forward at the time of reporting.


Although link directories in the most part are considered to be former link building tactics and can now be potentially harmful to your website, DMOZ are one of the only link directories that we believe are still held in higher regard, Yahoo! Directory and Best of the Web being two others.

Whether there is more to the clean up than is being revealed at the moment is still to be seen but as a manually reviewed directory, it is great to see that they have culled a mass of sites that could have been exploiting their position within their listings or simply were nothing but expired domain names.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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