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by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Added : Ok I know why we get AU results it’s because more people search for “Compare ADSL PLANS” over “Compare ADSL packages” au v uk term, what pisses me off is google is changing our searching patterns :


What seemed like a very simple and I mean a very simple conversation ended up taking 1 hour of my life away,  in a preamble to this story you need to know a few things. Ant is an inhouse SEO that just bought his first house in Ripon, Bronco is the company I own and we  give all staff if they want it free broadband, So ….

Ant : Dave who should I use for my Adsl

Me : I dunno see whats available at the moment

Ant : Haha they’re all from Australia

Me : Huh?

Ant : ( via IM )

Me : you know what the F…. ( 1 hour later ) btw try Broadband Finder that’s who I used when I switched to Plusnet

Screen Shot : click it and it will get bigger 🙂



Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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