Closing Down the Blog..

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

update : On why is under a large penalty in Google. Today I was in a meeting in Lancaster so I had 1 hour in the office first thing and I felt that it must be Outbound links that I was getting hit down with, so I removed adsense and my recent comments widget. I also removed my sidebar ad’s, cleaned out a few comments that had used a post and switch method,

I then checked my rankings in Google, noticed I had dropped more pages. Checked a few headlines from the blog in the serps and found the scrapers ranking and my blog nowhere, so I wrote this post and decided that the blog was fucked on this domain name and I wasn’t going to waste any more time trying to save it.

I wasn’t even sure if it was the scrapers that had killed me so that was the decision to move onto a new domain. While I was in the meeting Becky texted me to say they had found something Patrick at Blogstorm ( I’m not linking out just in case I pass bad karma) and Josh from JaeWeb , had spotted an issue. It was spot on, the server had been comprised and the site was cloaking links to google of antidepressant drugs and we had a fake adsense code injected into the blog.

This is what looks likely why I got banned for now, but I’m not a normal webmaster I have pretty good relations with Google and this blog is registered with webmaster tools, but I never got one message about this issue even though I couldn’t see the links (I don’t have a google IP address) I still picked up a penalty. I even sent emails to google and they never said hey remove the spam links on your blog.

Don’t get me wrong I’m blaming myself here, I added the plugin that opened my xmlrpc to a bad guys, I feel let down by Google due to fact they have a message system to reach out the webmasters and this system obviously failed, whether I didn’t meet the correct criteria on (I get plenty of help on sites that send lots of traffic to adsense ) maybe it’s the industry I’m in,

But what happens from here I don’t know, I never said I was stopping blogging I’m a SEO, I work in the search engine industry and having your site dead in the biggest search engine to me just doesn’t sit right.

whatever happens If I keep on blogging on I will just 404 this page, so that the people that think this is just linkbait can feel a little better about themselves ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankyou Donna for sphinning this Post and sorry that your getting shit over that.



It kills me to see my content been scraped and people making adsense revenues off it all over the web, we have tried everything what we can think to get the blog reindexing again and it’s just not happening, I love Blogging never thought I would say that but I do,

To all the bloggers out there first off I’m sorry about the blog spamming that may or may not have happened a few years ago, But I guess what goes around comes around..

I not giving up on Blogging and I will let people know in due course what I going to do, I once said if your out of Google your out of the internet and I feel that i have spent enough time going though my Logs and wasting my tech guys time trying to find a solution .. so Google you won this battle. but the war is not over yet

Any ideas for a new url for the David Naylor blog comments away ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it clean !! or any Ideas at all what we should do 9 days out of Google I said I would give it 2 weekS


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