More Brands Lose Brand Rankings As Google Takes Action – Music Magpie Just One Casualty

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

With the release of the new data in we can confirm that there are a number of people that will be suffering from a huge headache this week following the loss of their own brand search terms, a clear indication that they have received a penalisation from Google.

With talk of having fallen foul to the wrath of Google just less than a week ago, it seems that there is a whole world of penalty pain that was a little less obvious as it seemed to pass under the radar in the most part (although one was mentioned in the comments section of the Irwin Mitchell post).

A look at the data, which takes search engine visibility scores based on rankings and search volume of those terms, shows that there are a number of big name brands across various markets that are finding out that they no longer rank for their own brand terms, but who have we found? – Mobile and Gadget Insurance Company

This is the brand that had been mentioned previously by one of our readers who shared the fact that there looked to be issues for the company last week, however we can now see clearly on the following graph that the issues were not specifically focused on this past week, instead it looks like they were hit with some form of action around the 12th December 2013 and their issues have never really passed since then.


Searching for the term ‘protect your bubble' in the Google search box seems to confirm that they are penalised with the loss of the domain now absent from the organic rankings, although the company are still using the site for their PPC efforts. They have however, rolled out another domain name which carries the brand within the name and operates with the HTTPS service.

protect2 – Online Marketplace seem to be another brand that are going to see a reduction in their click-through rate when it comes to their own brand after what looks like a penalty being sent their way too…


A quick look at the sites rankings seem to show that they no longer rank at the head of the pile for terms such as ‘sell my iphone’ or ‘sell dvds’ but surely the inability to be able to rank for their own brand when searching for ‘music magpie’ is going to be the hardest hitting?


EDIT: Following the publishing of this post, one SEO emailed me to inform me that she had seen a number of blogposts in the fashion industry over the past 6 months for MusicMagpie, one of which is can be seen here but more can be seen with this Google search.

Great spot!

Okay well we have named two big UK brands that are feeling the pressure at the moment but according to Bob Dorough three is the magic number, so here is one more to keep you all in the loop… – Online Recruitment Website seems to have vanished from the organics but much like the instance that we saw with during their early stage of penalisation, the extention of their domain is currently keeping their brand search ranking alive, for the moment…

retail renders a 301 redirect into which means that it will only be a matter of time before Google blow their UK extension out of the organic rankings too as we can now see with the issue.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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