Backlink Clean Ups – Your Threats Are Empty So Drop Them!

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

With the day and age of backlink profile penalisation firmly in motion at the moment in terms of how Google are taking their battle for a better quality search engine to a whole new level, getting your backlink removal process correct is important, one email to the wrong people and you could soon find yourself with a reputation management process on your hands as well!

There are so many ‘services' out there that claim to be able to help you with your backlink removal process and often they are being offered by people that simply use mass templated emails and an auto mailer as this saves time and effort for the people that are performing the clean-up for you, however today we have witnessed another report of one ‘SEO company' using heavy worded emails to get the attention of sites that are linking into their clients, pushing the recipient to take their story online into social media circles.

Although Google clearly want to see sites make an effort to remove the poor quality or search engine rank manipulating links out of your link profile, they claim to understand that not all of the links will be within your control or even something that you have placed yourself, however it seems that many backlink removal ‘services' deem it vital to put the wrath of Google into their approaches to ask for backlinks to be removed, something that we know doesn't work.

Raspberry Pi took to social networking site Twitter to share their recent email, explaining that an SEO company had made contact with them and demanded that ‘spammy' backlinks were removed from their site, something that they have clearly promised that they would be able to do for their client, however it seems that the aggressive stance of the email has landed in the inbox of one website that is not about to comply with the threat of being told that they would be reported to Google for "spamming".

In a three tweet series of posts, Raspberry Pi revealed:


Why anyone would believe that approaching a website with a threat of reporting them to Google is the best way to resolve the matter is beyond me and it is something that I have seen countless times over the past year as more and more websites fight to keep their head above the water following actions taken against their site based on their link building antics.

With the angry and threatening approach clearly leading to some websites to want to ‘out' their story, there is a huge argument that would support that a more friendly matured approach would deliver a higher success rate of removals, after all you are asking people to spend their own time to remove the link in order to benefit yours or your clients website.

Many people fail to recognise that in appointing a person or company into making official approaches like the ones being undertaken within a backlink removal outreach, they are agreeing to allow those people to represent their business, their brand and more importantly, themselves.

With some so called ‘backlink removal services' spending very little time on actually reviewing the backlinks and hand picking the bigger sites out in order to ensure the correct procedure is followed, the potential aftermath of approach means that anyone could be subjected to a public ‘reveal', which would alert the internet that your website is currently suffering from an action from Google, whether that be algorithmic or manually enforced.

Although it can be hard to admit to something that you have not done, we strongly suggest that you ditch the hard line tactics that so many seem to follow and try to:

  • Make your contact polite and apologetic
  • Explain the situation about how the links could have materialised on the site
  • Remain calm through the array of insults that you are likely to receive based on asking someone to do something for free
  • If the person is requesting a small fee for their time, seriously consider the value of just agreeing to that arrangement, the take down of a huge sitewide toxic link that could have been given as an example from Google would be worth much more than a lowly $20 ‘admin fee' request.
  • Do not pose a threat to the site owners, especially if the links are likely to have been placed by your client or on their behalf, the fact is that the site owner will not have asked for the link to have been sprayed throughout their site countless times, so remember that you are asking them to do you a favour, so threats aren't going to get you anywhere!

They might have taken their email to the masses, but fair play to them for keeping the name of the site and the SEO involved out of the limelight…

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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