Anglo Rank Publically Punished But Owner Claims Google Have A Drop In The Ocean

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Just a couple of days ago we reported that Google have been hard at work trying to clean up the vast number of websites that have been partaking in guideline breaking link schemes through a series of private link networks and revealed that one of the networks that Google claim to have derailed was Black Hat World offering Anglo Rank.

During his address to the Twitter community, head of Google's Webspam team Matt Cutts seemed to taunt the private network owner, tweeting out a small snippet of the sales pitch that the owner had issued to interested parties, saying ""NO footprints linking the websites together" Oh, Anglo Rank".


Following from his tweet that seemed to show the feathers in Google's peacock tail, Cutts revealed that there would be a couple of days before websites that had been caught using the Anglo Rank network would start to receive Google Webmaster Tools notifications about the links that they had pointing into their site and it seems that he was right about that, one source being issued with this example of the message that was sent out:


Although the message seemed to be strong coming from the Google camp, it seems that the Anglo Rank owner is not as phased as many would expect, instead consulting with his customers and offering them the chance to cancel or redirect their links on a network that he claims has had a "full backend audit", saying that any sites or pages that were no longer indexed in Google have since been purged or replaced with other sites.

Assuring his customers that he was acting in their best interests, BlueMatter as he is known, pointed out that the only thing that he is doing at this moment in time is moving his clients onto his newly added websites that had been added to the network over the past couple of weeks, offering more protection to their websites.

Although the owner of the network pointed out that he was looking to clean up any sites that were affected, he moved to remind users of his service "If you are using a blackhat service and not expecting a manual penalty or rank drops after few months then I don't think this or any other blackhat service is for you" later telling another customer that the service was for "churn and burn sites" rather than legitimate money sites that "you can't afford to lose".

Although clearly having to clean up his network, BlueMatter pointed out that Google can only "target few sites here and there but it is not possible for them to take these private networks down which has 10,000's of sites".

Clearly the network owner believes that although Google have claimed to have burnt his network, he still have much more beneath the surface in which Google are completely unaware of…

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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