A Day at Microsoft

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
Microsoft Building 88

So this is the Lobby of Building 88 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, And where my Day at Microsoft began

9:45 -10am
Arrive at Microsoft, first Impression it's just like Yahoo or Google except it's White in fact I would say very white, I checked in and waited for my first Meeting

10am–11am : Leon Warman

Leon takes me to his Office and the first thing I notice is That EVERYONE has their own office ! we chatted about spam in the index and how LIVE was combating it, what things I had seen, mainly techniques, rather than sites.

11am-12pm Webmaster Tools : Nathan Buggia

Leon was supposed to take me to Nathan's office but we had just started to over run when Nathan turned up. I ended up in a meeting room where Nathan promptly told me to be honest with the team about how I felt about http://webmaster.live.com which is the beta of the live webmaster portal. It's Weak I say very weak, Nathan has just loaded slide one .. and to be honest we never got to slide 2, but this was one of my favourite meetings, we chatted about what webmasters needs are, what would make people like me use Live over the competitors, at present live webmaster portal has :

Summary of your site which basically lets me see that www.davidnaylor.co.uk Domain rank and that it's not blocked, my top 5 pages and last crawl date

Profile : is basically where I have my XML Sitemap etc

Keywords : at present this is where you can add a keyword and see how your site is performing in live search but I just don't get it, we chatted about how this could be improved and what I would do…. If they implement my ideas I reckon 50 to 99% of the webmasters would use it.

12pm-1pm Gatineau Team

I think I'm one of the first NON US people to be on this beta, again very open discussion. One thing which has impressed me with all the Microsoft teams I have been with is their openness to what webmasters like me want. Now Gatineau has a way to go yet, but the things I like about it and the ideas that I brought to the table seem to all be doable. We talked about ROI tracking to split testing landing pages, to consoles for webmasters – web marketers – Company owners, what the needs are and why we are so different

1pm-2pm Live.com's Fall Launch Deep, Sebastian Gard

I could have spent all day with Sebastian, I don't think I added much to the conversation, lol the more Sebastian showed me what they had pushed out in the fall the more I heard myself saying wow.. from live traffic maps to digital cameras to Viagra .. yes Viagra I was very very impressed..
I loved the fact that the medical stuff is on Https giving the user the ability to search on sensitive issues without the ability of been tracked.. thumbs up Live.com .

2pm-3pm Business Operations Rotimi Olumide

Rotimi made me laugh, he is another real good guy. We discussed UK market share and how Live could get more from the UK. I so want to share my ideas with everyone on this but at the moment I will leave them at Live.

3:30pm-5:00pm Speaker Series

I did my Powerpoint then a Q+A with the audience, then some 1 on 1 with the spam team .. AND most of the off the shelf products to spam the indexes have footprints !! .. the spam team know they still have a way to go but they seem hungry and motivated which isn't a good thing for spammers lol

7:15pm-11pm Dinner at Etta's Seafood

Nathan drove me and him to the restaurant he explained how there are only two routes into Seattle from Redmond and as 30,000 other Microsoft cars slowly moved down the freeway, we chatted about about Microsoft, life and living in the Seattle area.

Nathan then showed me the Seattle GUM Wall and decide to see if he could get me drunk and lick it … Eck..

gum wall


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