6 things that Google’s getting wrong. And 1 thing it’s totally nailed

by Paul Carpenter
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

From the we-haven’t-written-a-blog-post-in-a-couple-of-weeks-and-everyone-likes-a-comedic-list Department…

Where is Soho again?

I dunno – if I’m searching from Google UK, I’m not sure why Google would assume that I’m interested Sokcho-si in Gangwon-do. Maybe the brothels are better?

…and where is Whitby?

Yes… yes… I know there’s a Whitby in Ontario, Canada. I can’t work out why Google UK confidentally show me shopping results “near Manchester” whenever I’m trying to buy suspender belts for Valentines day and yet assumes that I’d be popping over to Canada for the weekend when I search for Whitby. Worse still when I ask for driving directions. All it shows me is oceans. Hey Google – there’s a Whitby in Yorkshire. You know – near where I live?

Facebook is best characterised by… semi-naked chicks?


Suede shoes. Oh… whut??

Nope. Can’t explain what a scantily clad Sandra Bullock is doing here in a search for “suede shoes”. Or why she’s captioned “one sweet stepmom”.

Getting itself de-indexed for cloaking

HT to Search Engine Land for the amusing story of how Google managed to get it’s own freaking support forum banned from.. err.. Google. For cloaking!

STILL taking years to recognise a 301

You know that 301 thing – as in “this page has moved. Permanently”? Well despite Google recommending it as a panacea for all kinds of woes, they’re pretty laggardly at actually dealing with it. Wimbledon.com has been 301d to Wimbledon.org for like, forever and stuff.

Ah – that’s better. Accuracy.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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