WordPress For Android

by Rory Lofthouse
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Checking your WordPress Blog on your mobile phone can be bit of a pain if your Smartphone is on the Android platform.

The easiest way I have found is to bookmark each blog, but then writing the post is awkward because you're only getting a mobile view of the page, so it often involves a lot of scrolling around a page.

Last night I was looking through the Android Market and saw the WordPress Logo as a featured application.

After installing the app you get to put the address of your Blog in the setup and put in your username and password in, (you will need to make sure XML-RPC is ticked in settings).
You can have multiple blogs setup as well which I find really handy, you can choose which blog you want to work on as soon as the app loads, as you will get a list of the configured blogs.

Multiple Blogs

When you first configure your blog it may take a minute or two to retrieve the comments and posts especially if you have an established blog with frequent commenter's.
Adding posts is simple and easy, as to is adding media from your mobile and linking to others, you can even select your category and or tags. The only thing you can't appear to do is time stamp your post for release in the future.  You even get the option as saving the post as a draft if you need to close the application.

Editing an old post is easy with WordPress for Android, the only issue I have found here is that there is no option to switch between HTML and Visual, so if you have any html in your post this will be displayed as well as any ordinary text.

WordPress for Android is a great app if you need to do a post while you're away from your laptop or desk, and makes WordPress truly mobile.

If you're looking to try WordPress for Android then all you need to do is search the Android market for WordPress you you'll see the official WordPress Logo.

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