Webmasters Tools Gets An Update, But We Want More! – Add To Our Wishlist

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

They announced on the blog last night that they have improved the link report in Google Webmasters Tools. There have been two new features released.

Firstly they have grouped the links by the domains, and you can see a count of the number of domains linking to you. You can then drill down and see which pages they are linking to, and drill down further and see which pages link to that page.

Secondly you can also check out which of your content is the most linked to and then drill down from there into the different domains, it also gives a count of the number of unique domains.

These are some interesting features, but we’d love to have a bit more functionality, so here is the start of our Google Webmasters Tools Features Wishlist!

Google Webmasters Tools Features Wishlist

  1. It would be great if we could have the number of links acquired over time.

    Then we can look at different pieces of content and see how they performed. For example, some pieces of content pick up links in a short space of time, such as the “Google AdWords Keyword Tool The Difference Explained” post, where as some posts will continue to pick up links over time, such as the “SEO 101 Common Mistakes” post. This would help us learn what types of content to produce in order to gain more links.

  2. If we could filter out nofollows or 301s if we want to, that would also be quite handy.
    If we could see what domains are 301ing to our website we can be pre-warned of any potential problems. Alternatively we can help spot problems we might need to fix.
  3. Don’t limit the number of links to the top 1000 domains
    With larger sites this may only show a tiny percentage of the number of links, this makes our job as an SEO working on large websites very difficult.
  4. To hell with it, release a competitive link research tool and let us see other people’s websites!
    Don’t tell me you don’t want to see your compeitor’s link profile, because we all know you do!
  5. Can it tell you what date/time the link was discovered
    Again this can help us see what links were acquired over what time period, and how long after the content was produced the links were acquired – for example with blog posts they may get links within as little as an hour of being published, this would be useful to know.

Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments, hopefully we’ll get a few of the people behind GWT to have a look and make some changes!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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