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by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Now that the Summer is coming to an end, the conference season picks back up and there is a flurry of activity over the next few months, so this is where I will be at…

Kicking off, I will be in Munich for the week at the end of September once again to be at SEOktoberfest ..this is my third time at this event and I’m really looking forward to spending back to back days with my great friends from the industry to catch up and share new ideas.

At the start of October, Becky and I will be heading back to Barcelona for the iGaming conference. Its always good to speak to an audience that is focused to a specific sector and the Gaming industry has to be the most interesting
I have 2 sessions on the 4th October, firstly speaking on “How to Develop Natural SEO Through PR” and then after that session we lead into the SEO Expert Panel.

Next at the end of October I’ll be in London for the Performance Marketing Insights conference, formally A4U Expo, where I will be speaking on “Is Social Media Really Killing my Beloved SEO” (great session title me thinks)

Then shortly after, another trip away with Becky, this time we are heading to Milan at the beginning of November for SMX Milan. I’m doing one of my favourite sessions that I haven’t done for a while which is a good old SEO Site Clinic where I get to pick through site architecture and hopefully give some good advice.

You never know I may see you somewhere, whether its Munich, Barcelona, London or Milan 🙂

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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