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by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I got this email on Sunday, Top Tip maybe you should enclose your Twitter name as well then it’s just a click and follow ;), but when I did find time to track you down you’re not even following me ! nice try thou 🙂

Hi David,

It’s now been 1 month, 28 days, 4 hours 22 minutes and 6 seconds since I followed your FANTASTAHOLIC twitter feed, ummm… it’s now been 1 month, 28 days, 4 hours 22 minutes and 12 seconds since your FABULOCIOUS twitter feed hasn’t followed me back =o)

So, David, in my “think out of a box” attempt to gain your twitter love I put together a little list of the top reasons why I think you should follow me:

1. It’s free!
2. I turly am an advent follower of yours 3. I will not spam your twitter feed, I promise.
4. I will always tell you how it is, good or bad; That’s who I am (“Damn, what did you do to your hair?”).
5. I will donate 10 cents to your favorite “go green” cause so you would be doing something good for the world, WOW!
6. I will massage your feet if we ever meet, if you come to Vegas my address is PO Box… =
7. You have to admit this is a pretty cool ploy (Sorry Im not available for any side work right now
8. Last but not lease, I would sincerely appreciate a follow from someone like you in our industry

Thank you!

Warm Regards,



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