Three Things I missed on Strikepoint

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

So on tonight’s strikepoint  I asked on twitter what I should talk about in the last section, but the show ended lol before I had chance so here are my  Updates beginning with @DaveNaylor

savagepaul @DaveNaylor ideas on Mobile SEO ? Differences between normal SEO and mobile ? less than 20 seconds ago from web in reply to DaveNaylor

Mobile seo, Give the user the options to switch easily, I have a smart phone and like text, Iphone users seem to like normal rendering, at present I’m not seeing any reason to seo a site any different, but maybe one day the SE’s will develop an algo to factor thing’s like the user is on 3G lets not try and send a 10meg image

EdWords @DaveNaylor! (not forced to say this by @basvandenbeld 😉 ) 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to DaveNaylor

yer.. it’s awesome so get on the RSS

pglewis @DaveNaylor The new Google Favicon and if it’s just a nice thing to do or has any other use. 2 minutes ago from web in reply to DaveNaylor

I don’t like it when google changes thinks I like Favicons. but I’m not seeing it in the office yet, just at home, and if favicons where so cool won’t chrome support them ?

added what i ment to say on the favicons, was IE and Firefox I was getting the new Google Favicon on chrome I still get the old one

google favicon


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