This Sucks : Miles in Hospital

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Update: Miles got home for Christmas day, although I had to take him to hospital for 2 hours just to get an antibiotic booster.. which we have to do until 27th .. anyway it turns out he had Viral Pneumonia.. so he is on the mend 6 weeks time we should have the all clear 🙂


Ok Miles is my 6 year old son.. and last Wednesday took ill with abdominal pain and feeling sick.. at first I thought Tummy bug.. so I had a couple of days off work to look after him.. ( the joys of both parents working together, and Becky is much more important to the company than ME)

Anyway after a few trips to his doctor we found that he Blood and Protein in his wee. (That’s Bad) could be Kidneys or Liver problems.

So He taken to Hospital where he still is, I found out last night that he actually he has Pneumonia Basically an infection of the lungs. he is on an 48 hour cycle of IV antibiotics so …. Fingers crossed and I find out in 2 hours if i get him home for Christmas or if he needs another 48 hours in hospital.


btw you should be able to tell because I’m writing this and not beside his bed that Miles is on the mend and nothing to worry about now, I just know a few friends knew and needed updating.. so Have a Good Christmas and I will see you all in the New Year

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