Taking Competitor Analysis a Step Deeper With SEMRush

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

semrushAnyone that works within the SEO industry will know that data is a precious asset to any website owner, after all we all want to know as much as we can find out about both ourselves and our competitors, allowing us to be able to shape our strategy towards trying to cancel out the positives that we see being utilised by rival websites but recently I have been trying to take my insight deeper than ever before.

Here at Bronco we have access to a wealth of industry leading tools which can do everything from analysing the backlink profile of a site and trying to determine what sort of links are healthy compared to ‘toxic' or ‘suspicious' to taking a deep look into the backlinks that sites are building on what has become almost a daily basis, so my way of working has always been what I would consider to be as detailed as it needed to be, if not more than.

After getting into a routine of reports, insights and analysis, it becomes second nature to conduct these checks into competitor and client sites but recently I have been presented with adding another brilliant tool to my work process following the addition of SEMRush to the tool armory that we have available to us.

Having not really used SEMRush myself other than for a small amount of data through the free to use allowance, I have never really had the chance to be able to take an indepth look at what the tool offers but now that we have full access, I am shocked to see that I have been missing out on some very important data that could further increase the analysis that I can compile.

interfloraTaking a look at the full extent to what the tool had to offer meant that I wasn't restricted to looking into the backlinks of the site, instead I was able to dive deeper into their strategy thanks to the advertising information that SEMRush.com hold within their data, giving me the chance to be able to advise my clients what their competitors are focusing on within their Pay Per Click marketing, something that was much harder to track without access to the tool.

Not only am I able to look at the keywords that are being used within their marketing plan but I can actually look at the whole of their ads, from everything like the title and the estimate cost per click that the keyword holds to the actual ad text that was being used to support their advertising.

Okay so that might not be something that you would need to look into in order to feedback information for every client, after all not every company uses paid advertising, but the real benefit comes from the fact that you can see the percentage of traffic that the competitor sites received through those ads, giving you plenty more ideas for converting keywords.

Although I have made use of the tool in this manner, I'm sure that there will be many others out there that will be able to make this even more effective in their analysis stages and we have great news for you… The guys at SEMRush have given us a link that will give you 2 weeks FREE access to SEMRush, so that you can sample the delights that their tool holds!

To take advantage of that offer, please follow this link.

I am still trying to work my way through the features that the tool has and trying to expand on my routine in relation to how I put a site under the microscope, but rather than keeping this new found gem to myself, you can have the chance to try it out for yourself too!

Let me know your thoughts…

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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