Streamlining Link Removals – Email to Excel. Fast!

by Craig Addyman
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Just a quick tip I thought I’d share!

However you are going about your link removal process, you will likely get 100’s of emails you have to sort through, this is obviously a laborious task but I am here to help 🙂

Whatever email client you are using you want to get them added into outlook (I’m using Outlook 2013), if you are using Gmail (or whatever) just simply forward them on to your outlook address.

Next you want to create a folder especially for your emails, we can call it ‘Removals_client_name‘ just as an example. Now in outlook go to ‘file’ and select ‘Open & Export’ and select ‘Import/Export’

link removals open_export

You should see a little dialog box open up with a few different choices, you want to select ‘Export to file‘ and click ‘Next


On the next screen we want to select ‘Comma Separated Values‘ (csv) and again click ‘Next

csv file

Now we will be asked to select the folder we are wanting to export. Simply select our folder ‘Removals_client_name‘ (whatever you have called it) and click ‘Next


Now give your file a name, for example, ‘Removal_emails‘, click ‘Next


On the next screen just click ‘Finish‘. You can modify what you want to export by clicking into ‘Map Custom Fields‘ but as default everything is included so just leave as is!

Now you are left with an Excel file containing all of your email data for easy access; pull out the URLs, add a status to work out your next action should be and use a VLOOKUP to pull it into your original data file.


Hope this helps (feel free to give it a tweet) 🙂

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