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by David Naylor
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Today Shaun reminded me that the recent SEO is dead news headlines yet again, which in fairness these headlines have been around for the last 10 years. that I should just take a chill pill and pointed me to what he said in may 2012 :

STOP THE PRESS – A day in the life of SEO news and why I don’t blog every day…..

Stop the press – Google’s transparent monthly changes (were they kind of kid on they are telling you something but, actually, don’t)

Stop the press – Google changes it’s logo…. (again)

Stop the press – Here’s a MC video talking about something that was needing discussed 5 years ago….

Stop the press – Here’s a video of MC answering some moronic question about [insert nonsense]

Stop the press – Meta Description best practices, Page Title best practices

Stop the press – WOW! We have scammers in this industry (unlike any other industry)

Stop the press – Webmasterworld members have lost some traffic

Stop the press – Here’s some Bing SEO tips that don’t mention all exact match domains at the top of serps

Stop the Press – Here’s a conference where you can go and learn about getting sold seo services

Stop the press – Here’s somebody from Google say they don’t hate SEO (when clearly we are not on any xmas card lists)

Stop The press – We need CERTIFICATION! We don’t need certifaction…. (hang on while I tell you again how to do advanced on page seo)

Stop the press – Here’s somebody saying is seo is dead…. and here’s a response…. and here’s a response to that….. I think it’s safe to say saying something is dead is dead

Stop the press – Google is getting fined for something it’s already making billions from

Stop the press – Google accused of breaching user privacy (surely not! Not when they keep webmasters from knowing who is visiting their own site!)

Stop the Press – Spammers are the reason Google doesn’t deliver the best results (nothing to do with Adwords)

Stop the press – Google pushing it’s own Agenda – what again? Today of all days?

Stop the press – Here’s Google pushing it’s own properties in , em, Google, again

Stop the press – Here’s some changes in Google! Man – check out that “whitespace”

Stop the press – There’s our industry leaders talking about outing people again when they are not trying to rebrand SEO as “online marketing” or something

Stop the press – Here’s those same seo leaders who would go into bed with search engines for cash and security – effectively destroying the seo community – moaning about the state of “our” industry

Stop the press – Here’s some seo that thinks he should out people because of his standing in the ‘community’ (must be the scumbag community?)

Stop the press – Here’s some seo tools selling you tools to analyse your site for bad backlinks (as if you don’t know exactly where and when your bad links were placed in the first place)

Stop the press – Here’s 101 linkbuilding ideas you will never get around to doing (you probably only need to do one or two and lots of one and two….)

Stop the press – Here’s some big site buying links (and getting away it)

Stop the press – Here’s some big site selling links (and getting away it)

If you news does NOT fit into one of these please tweet shaun at cheers

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