Speaking at London Affiliate Conference (LAC) February 7th – 10th 2013

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I'll be back in London, with Becky, at the end of the week to speak on SEO at the London Affiliate Conference (LAC). This is a conference that is dominated by gaming merchants and affiliates, with a touch of forex, and is always a great event that I have spoken at now for many years.

I'll be doing 2 sessions this year, both of which are on Friday afternoon (8th). First up is a presentation on the "Key Considerations of SEO in 2013". I've only got half an hour to cover this huge topic given all the changes that Google made during 2012, so I'll be having a quick look back at what has changed and then giving guidance on what you really need to focus your SEO efforts on in 2013 to make a difference and survive the current changes. The gambling sector as a whole has skirted a lot of the Google updates but its only time before this sector will be tackled so it's important to become refocused for 2013.

Straight after my solo presentation I'll be joining a panel, with Judith Lewis, Nick Garner and Paul Reilly to discuss the topic "SEO isn't dead, it's just changed (again)", where we will be offering more advice and insight on where best to put your SEO efforts to future proof your sites and head in the right direction for 2013.

I'm looking forward to once again being part of the conference and if you haven't already signed up then head to the site and get registered .. its free for affiliates 🙂

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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