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by Daniel Mcskelly
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

 There’s been a great deal of debate about “SEO outing” in  the industry of late, and the concencus seems to be that it’s a no-no.

I happen to agree: in the vast majority of cases outing is bad. Glass houses, stones, etc. I map out a lot of shonky link networks that would make for amusing/informative “how not to do it” posts, but we keep a lid on it because, well, it’s just not cricket it it?

We came across one today I have zero compunctions about crying foul on though. Check out the following:

Those are their bigger squeeze sites…plenty of others in this network. All have decent toolbar PR and are ranking well for target terms. And there’s absolutely no way they should be.

Can you see why? First person to tell me why even the most ardent anti-outing person wouldn’t have a problem with me reporting these to Matt Cutts wins a selection box!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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