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by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Well we have been quiet on the blogging front for a while now and that simply spans from the level of workload that we have going on at Bronco, however as I know that some of you guys will be ready for a new injection of market knowledge, I thought that I would do a quick follow up to the vast ‘part stories' that have been overlooked recently by the blog.

Google Drops Latest Google+ Post From Brand Page Displays – June 30th 2015

Google's social networking platform Google+ has failed to deliver the response that the search engine giants were hoping for and like Facebook and Twitter's ugly sister, it has faded into the background over recent years – even seeing Google removing some of their own support for the platform within their search engine result pages!

In yet another cull of data pass, TheSEMPost report that the search engine giants have dropped the display of the latest Google+ post from their results pages, where previously they proudly displayed them within the in knowledge box of relevant search queries.

You can see what I mean by heading to TheSEMPost here and they even have a before and after comparison of how they were previously showcased.

Google Makes Mobile Display Ads More User Friendly – June 29th 2015

With Google Adwords still increasing in the number of websites that use the system to promote their offerings, Google have listened to the clever guys in their research labs that highlighted that based on their own information, as much as 50% of mobile ad clicks that they are currently seeing were in fact accidental clicks.


In a newly announced three way attack on accidental clicks and clever ad positioning, Google have revealed that the way in which Google mobile display ads are clicked will be changing, doing more to eliminate those wondering fingers or poorly spaced layouts.

You can find out more about what Google intend to do on their official Adwords blog.

Google Images Adds Vines, Pinterest, Houzz and Food Network To Display – June 26th 2015

Google failed to make a big announcement about their new found capacity to display images from four popular online sites, instead opting to pass the news over to the public via their Google+ page.

Google simply explained that they wanted to further enhance the results that they were serving to their users and stated that as the images would be placed into a carousel, you can now simply swipe across the display to see more content that relates to your query.

Barry over at Search Engine Roundtable covered this here and shared this image that Google revealed to show how Pinterest would feature under their newly added compatibility.


Hopefully that should have filled your need to follow the latest Google news in our absence, however make sure that you keep checking back as there is a Google Panda update on its way in the near future and we hope to be able to bring you some insight into that when it lands!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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