SEO Is Still Dead

by Rory Lofthouse
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Over a year ago I did a post titled SEO is Dead: Check Out KP Baby it was mainly about the lack of on site SEO.

Dave always says that there’s 3 types of SEO

Technical SEO : This is where, for example, you make sure that your non www. properly redirects to the www. version or vice versa, and that your server and domain is set up well.
On-Site SEO : Making sure you are using your meta tags, <H> tags etc correctly and that all the coding is the best it can be.
Off-Site SEO : Everything to do with link profiles and that theres no negativity to reputation.

So recently I got a flyer in my shopping bag at my local Home Bargains store, which said I could now shop on line. Everything is fine for the normal shopper, but if you’re an SEO and you start taking a deeper look into the site then things don’t look as shiny. Why can’t people in this industry just use a website as it was meant to be used without looking at the source code 🙂

Technical SEO

Both the non www. and the www. address’s both load, and

The none www. address isn’t indexed but a wrong link from somewhere and then your going to have 2 versions of your site indexed.

Personally the default.aspx makes the address look ugly and the fact its not 1996, means we have ways and means of redirecting default.aspx straight to the root domain.

Change default.aspx to test.aspx and you get a really fancy 404 Error Page.

Surely a nicer themed 404 Page within the design of would look  a lot better and more than likely keep people on the site.

At least your Robots.txt file has a load of stuff in you don’t want indexed, but since most of the pages return a 404 then you could remove these pages via Google Webmaster Tools and in turn reduce the size of your Robots.txt file.

On-Site SEO

You could have made a bit more effort with your Title Tag rather than just leaving it as “Home Bargains”

On the home page there are no H1’s or H2’s, but there is a <h3>Welcome to Home Bargains</h3> surely this would be better as the <H1> Tag, and it’s the same story for product pages which have no <H> Tags at all. So the only <H> Tags on the site are <H3>’s.

Images aren’t given the product name they get 0001886_300.jpeg so although this product appears in Google Images searches for more competitive items you might find that the Home Bargains Images are lower down, so ideally naming your image’s is good house keeping so hoover_whirlwind_tcw_2010_pets.jpeg would be a better option.

Also its good to see people using Google Analytics or a form of tracking, but you only need to put the code in your page once!

Off-Site SEO

Heres a slightly tricky one TJ Morris are actually trading as Home Bargains, so TJ Morris are taking up the top 3 positions followed by a bunch of Places listing and finally you then get I’m sure in time that will take the top position but if you wanted this speeding up then try de optimising for the term Home Bargains.

There’s likely to be lots of bits I’ve missed that are more or less important as this is obviously not a full detailed review, but its a insight that people are still getting SEO wrong.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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