SEO is Dead: Check Out KP Baby

by Rory Lofthouse
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

After browsing The Sun tabloid the other day I saw that Katie Price had launched a new babywear site. When I see new sites I like to have a delve into the source code and browse around the site to see what been missed out SEO-wise.

Well on it seems like SEO hasn't even been thought of at all (possibly because of blindness brought about by all the pink!) Oh – actually maybe the title tag has chucked a nod in the right direction.

<title>Katie Price Babywear - Home of Katie Price baby wear, sleepsuits,

A “wish list” title tag looks pretty untidy when it shows up in the SERPS and it also has little effect on each keyword. Google only counts 84 characters and displays even less  (67 characters) and this spills over at 95 characters. At least this title gets cuts off neatly at “sleepsuits” and not halfway through a word.

H Tags

It’s proper practice to only have one H1 tag, and break up the rest of a page with other heading – H2s and so on. Having three H1 tags is bit of an issue. I hear you cry: "well maybe they’re really good H1 tags"….

<h1>Our Products</h1>
<h1>Shopping Basket</h1>

The H2's are slightly better, but not by much.

<h2> Welcome message from Katie</h2>
<h2> Baby wear</h2>
<h2>Gift Sets</h2>


Next up: classic homepage duplication. Both and load. The ‘index.php’ isn't indexed yet so there aren't going to be any dupe content issues straight away, but when you link the home button on the menu bar it takes you to the index.php version.

I can't see it been long before this gets picked up.  Placing a 301 re direct on the index.php to go to the non index.php, would solve the problem but make sure you change the home button link destination on the menu bar as well.

There’s no 404 error page, so putting test.php on the end of the URL will just take you to a white screen.

PR & Linking

Since the KP Baby site is new it has no PR yet so one of the easiest ways to give it PR would be linking to it from Katie's other web properties. I can see the link on the KP Equestrian but that's only a PR2. Both KP Equestrian & KP Baby Link to the official which is a PR4 but there is no link coming from to either of her e-commerce sites.

Since these are all in the same family cross linking would be fine and would give KP Baby an immediate boost.


It's commonly believed that the higher up your source code your content is the better impact it will have with Google, compared to it been at the bottom of your source code. The ‘content’ such as it is reads thus:

"Welcome to my first babywear collection.  It's been a long time coming, but I'm sooo pleased with it! Your new little princess is going to look even more gorgeous in KP Baby"

..and a couple of short sentences about some of the product ranges. This chunk of content is in the bottom 3rd of the source code so while not strictly at the bottom it’s  hardly close to the top.

I guess for a site like this with a big name celebrity endorsement, publicity alone will drive traffic. But of course, celebrity rarely lasts. As Katie’s popularity inevitably wanes, a little sprinkling of SEO would help in keeping visitor numbers up for the long term – regardless of the Katie Price branding.

At least they have Google Analytics on so that they can see how much traffic they are getting 😉

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