SEO Is Changing, So Are The Tools As MajesticSEO Takes Centre Stage

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

It has been a while since I have had the chance to be able to cover this subject and with continuing conversations surrounding whether SEO is dead or not, I felt that this was a great time to be able to highlight that SEO isn't dying, it is simply taking another step through the evolution ladder and in an effort to keep up with the latest changes, how tools like MajesticSEO are keeping ahead of the game.

The fact that SEO tools as a whole make the analysis and effectiveness of search engine optimisation easier than ever before has meant that the call for providers to keep pace with the seemingly increasing pace that the search engines are demanding is at its highest point yet and we are pleased to see that one of our most frequently used tools is doing just that.

MajesticSEO has to be firmly up there within the list of must have SEO tools and with a firm following the tool has become one of the most used in the industry, providing some website owners with the chance to be able to develop their own development based on carefully created metrics that seem to carry them in the direction that they intend to go, so news of what the creators have been up to is highly important for anyone that currently or is considering using to tool.

After speaking with the guys over at MajesticSEO, I am pleased to be able to shed a little light on the developments that they have been working on in recent months to ensure that their tool is providing us with the best possible insight into not only your own sites but those of your competitors, giving you a valuable insight into the working pattern that they may be following in order to give you the chance to be able to counter their advances.

Back in November 2012, MajesticSEO opened up their tool to allow users to be able to upload a list of links that you would like to process through their tool, giving you the chance to be able download backlink data from tools such as Google Webmaster Tools in order to ensure that the MajesticSEO index covers all of the links that Google are seeing pointed into your site (not often that they will be missing from the increasing size of the tools index anyway).

Created to allow two formats of dataset (.csv and .txt) the tools allows you to access this feature through the ‘Bulk Backlink Checker' which I found easy to use and I'm sure that even those of you that are less familiar with the tool would be able to quickly get to grips with, a valuable tool for those times that you are wanting to carry out a look at how your backlink profile is potentially conceived by Google at any point.

Furthering their push to be able to absorb some of the links that you might have found that MajesticSEO is yet to find, this week the tool has released the chance to be able to add those links directly into their index, pushing the tool to find the links that they might not have found at any moment in time, giving you an even more powerful tool that will be sure to make this the must have tool of the industry at this given point.

Adding the unfound links into the dataset that MajesticSEO hold will be a valuable asset to any website owner and with the upload taking a matter of minutes and the fresh index being made on a daily basis, your wait for information on the links is one of the quickest possible to date.

As well as a push to increase their crawling index, MajesticSEO have also moved to offer you more insight into the analysis of the links that your site holds at any given point, with a feature added back in November which provided you with the chance to be able to see what area of the world your links are being added from, allowing you the chance to ensure that your backlink profile isn't saturated with links from unnatural looking placements.

Amid the current updates such as the Panda and Penguin updates released by Google, deeper analysis into how your backlink profile may be presented is now more important that it has ever been and the chance to be able to see a map which breaks down the location of your links will be sure to aid the vetting of your profile from a new perspective.

We already know that MajesticSEO in our eyes is a tool that every SEO should have available to them and if you feel that the accessibility of the tool is an issue (not too sure if that would apply as we have it open on a tab all the time anyway), the developers of the tool rolled out a Google Chrome extension which is free to download from the Chrome store, allowing for even faster insight into websites and pages that you are looking at.

Nestling into the Chrome facia, the extension version of the tool allows you to be able to hover over the top of the button that is added to your browser and instantly you will be presented with data that will give you a deeper look into the page you are on than you could ever carry out by looking at the page alone, a valuable asset for those of you that like me, want to be able to know what each and every page you look at has holding it in place.

Now that MajesticSEO have taken the steps to once again regain the SEO tool crown (in my own personal opinion), the outlook of the tool looks fantastic and I have to admit that the chance to be able to get my hands on email updates of links that the tool is no longer finding within their dataset (links that have been removed for one reason or another), I believe that taking a process forward in a positive manner has just been made into a much more streamlined process, allowing for a better handle to be placed on those campaigns that you are looking to improve in the best way forward.

If you want to find out more about what MajesticSEO are looking to provide in terms of developments within the tool, I would strongly suggest that you head over to their blog in order to take a look at the news that they share over there, or take it one step further and make sure that your name is on the email subscription list to be one of the first to find out how else this tool is going from strength to strength.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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