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by David W
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When Steve Overton called me back in December 2011 to arrange a call for this month, I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to it. He said he wanted to show me some new features on Searchmetrics – to be honest I thought it would be one or two new things, but on the whole basically the same piece of software. How wrong I was.

The guys at Searchmetrics have been busy, really busy. They definitely listened to our feedback last time and they’ve developed a truly great product, one that is a pleasure to use and also, more importantly, much cheaper at just $99 per month it offers great value. So what’s changed? Well nothing really, they’ve decided to keep the old Searchmetrics suite, but they’ve also created Essentials

Impressive Search Visibility

This is one of my clients that I’ve had for around a year, as you can see they had an all time low in summer when Panda hit, but we managed to get them out of it and now they are doing better than ever. The graph shows their visibility over time by estimating the number of clicks based on the keyword search volume and average click through rate for that position.

SERP Spread

Below is the SERP spread of the same client, as you can see I have plenty of keywords to go for according to this:

Social Metrics

Social web analytics are set to be a hot topic in 2012 so this is an interesting look at one created for SEO’s. I’ve used Dave’s site as an example as my client isn’t the most social friendly of websites!

I did ask a few questions about how the visibility is calculated, sadly I didn’t quite agree with how it is calculated, but I understand at the moment they can’t make it completely accurate if the data isn’t available. At the moment they count the number of people who tweet something or Facebook like something, but they don’t take into account their followers, instead they apply an average for each service, so a Facebook like is better than a tweet, even if the tweet is from Stephen Fry!

Private Beta

There’s a lot more to all of this, so I suggest you check it out, I just wanted to highlight a few things. More importantly, Steve told us we’re being invited to a private beta at the end of the month where we will be able to try out their new link database, which apparently is going to rival Majestic in size.

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