PPC should be part of your long term strategy

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

ok this shouldn’t be rocket science.

when I read stuff like this I  just had to shake my head :

“PPC is not, in my opinion, a long term strategy for website promotion – but I know that bites some people. I base my opinion on my own experience – I would use PPC as a short term quick wins, but the long term strategy is always organic positions.”

I totally disagree … Everything in this world costs !

A quick run down of a long story, a Good friend worked for a client that believed that traffic from search should be FREE, that wasn’t an issue for like me at the time we only dealt in organic traffic , so he got paid quite well, but here was the thing one of their competitors want my services for months, they had wine and dined me at conferences, talked PPC, content and link budgets and they want to win at all cost. I told me friend he should drop his client.

The crunch came when the client was ask for more money on a link buying exercise, the telephone conservation didn’t last long, and end with what am I paying you for ! … erm Consultancy I guess, I think it took 6 months for that company to go bust, the other company is a market lead still today

So ..

If he budgeted correctly, he could have switched at a PPC campaign to regain the traffic he lost when they got ban for STUPID LINK BUYING!! 🙂 ( still makes me smile when I go to wunderground ), How can you run a business without people seeing you merchandise

PPC, if done properly and tracked, can be a winner for most businesses with a decent business  and website.

However, I  believe that totally relying on PPC should be avoided.

Ideally a smart on line business  should be looking at marketing in every channel to ensure they’re getting the biggest slice of the Market.whether it’s Banner ads, PPC or organic as long has you maintain  you  profit margins in each sector you will be fine.

For new sites PPC is is the best way to kick your business. But don’t forget basic SEO, the ideal situation is to have a marketing budget, and slowly gain good organic traffic, once you start seeing organic results move budgets for PPC to SEO, this way if things do go wrong you can switch back the budgets. I feel  the best fit is when  Organic SEO, Banners, PPC and Off line marketing is pushed into one budget and measured on ROI for the total spend. although it can create a black box for the client I guess..


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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