Penguin is Coming! The Penguin is Coming!

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

After over 12 months of anticipation, plenty of speculation and countless Google insider comments that have said that the next Google Penguin algorithm change wasn't ready for action, we have finally been told that we will see the update before the end of the year.

Google's Gary Illyes responded to a question from Andrew Isidoro via social network Twitter, giving us the news that although not ready at this moment, Google is fully intending to deliver their Penguin algorithm before the end of the year.


With Gary showing his thought that we would see the update, which is thought to enable the algorithm to become a rolling one as we have already seen with Google Panda, the update must be close to completion but the date of release is still unknown at the moment with the internal testing phase still to give Google what they believe to be a better organic search result for users.

The potential threat that the new Penguin update could be rolled out as we approach the festive period seems to have some site owners frantically looking to clean up their backlink profiles of spammy and low quality links as they look to avoid the dampening effect that so many have previously suffered.

The prospect that once released into their live results, Google Penguin will become a rolling update will at least offer some comfort to many as the theory is that regular updates should allow those effected to recover faster than was previously possible, however Google have not confirmed or denied that theory.

Are you prepared for the update?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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