Paid Links the debate that just will not Go away

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Well not in my office anyway, so Google say Paid Links to influence search are evil and of course they would, they’re a search engine that’s sells links via JS, don’t we can’t really take a leaf out of google book, because the main traffic pages are robots.txt’d out.. oh the dilemma.

so how can you buy links and not get caught, well first off you could test the links..

but for a site / page that doesn’t matter if page move up by another link for the master site or better ask for the link to be change to master site, again if site moves down pass that link to a competitor.. yer i know it’s dirty and underhand but I still have site pinned down because a competitor buy me links.. cheers, but remember what goes around comes around..

but I guess the really answer is when buying link make dam sure Google has to ask it’s self what was the intent and are we 60% sure it was purchased for improving search rankings.

here is something that happened just recently, a Guy rang me up and said his site had lost all traffic from Google, and he hadn’t used any SEO’s and did his own PPC, in fact his site had no spam on it and was pretty under optimised.

Before I jumped in I asked the guy how he markets his website, this took me by surprise the Guy used Hitwise and monitored his competitors, and basically used PPC to clone those sites keywords, One day he found that one of his competitors was getting quite a bit of upstream traffic from a Site, so he went there and found to his surprise that the competitor didn’t advertise on the site, but he did have a text link, so he emailed the site and bought his link right next to the competitor, and so it went on and on every time he saw upstream data he went and purchased the same has his competitors.

Until a few days ago when he rang me.. at first I joked and said Google had banned him because they wanted all his advertising spend.. guess what that’s what he thought too .. I told him that wasn’t the case and he had been hit for link buying and he should stop and ask Googles forgiveness.

At the moment he is testing YPN and ADcenter and looking at stopping using Google, I think the guy has balls he actually wants to see if he can survive without Google. Me I’m going to help the Dude for free just so I get the data ..

what you reckon fail or succeed, btw he had his best day ever today thankyou stumble upon 🙂

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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