Our Top 10 Updates Wishlist For Google Webmaster Tools

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Listen up Google, we know you’re all about transparency now, so we’ve come up with a brilliant list of things that we think you should introduce, and we believe it would lead to a win win situation. So without further ado, here is the Bronco SEO’s Google Webmaster Tools Wishlist:

1. Currently you only show a sample of links, but what happens if this doesn’t include bad links? Surely it wouldn’t harm you to show all of them?

2. Why oh why oh why, in the year 2012, do you still have stale data showing? We’re not talking a few days old, we’re talking *months* old. Last month I got a sitewide link removed for one of my clients, it’s was removed months ago yet it is still showing in Google Webmaster Tools “links to your site”. Please sort this out!

3. 404 errors aren’t that big a deal, please please please stop telling us we’ve got problems with our site when they aren’t. Sometimes it needs to show a 404 error! We do understand about soft 404’s however and why they are bad.

4. Tell us what we need to do to clean up the website – if it’s been hit by Penguin, say so – tell us which sites are bad – help us help you clean up the Internet.

5. What about if we’ve been hit with a Panda penalty – why not tell people? If they’ve got a dodgy looking site, tell them – people will fix it, Google will benefit from happier users and improved conversion rates no doubt, again win win.

6. Link removal tool – this is a must, I’ve got some nasty spammy links showing in Google Webmaster Tools for one of my clients that was blatantly used as negative SEO (it links to about 10 competitors in the same comment, it’s really spammy stuff). NB this was in draft before Matt told the world about the Tool

7. Proper, helpful responses – not some kind of mysterious cryptic message that doesn’t really help you fix anything.

8. How does click through compare to the average for that position.

9. Badges, like in Call of Duty, so if you get a website out of Penguin you get a “Pengiun” badge, Panda for Panda.

Panda Badge

Badge image courtesy of Kool Badges

10. A share button to tell everyone when you’ve been hit by a bad update, such as:

“I’ve just been hit by the Penguin update, I have over 424,000 links that need removing, one by one” – Tweet this

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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