It’s Not Too Late to Avoid Upcoming Google Penguin Update

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Google have made no secret of the fact that they are working on a new Google Penguin algorithm update, indicating that they were hoping to be able to roll out their latest version before the end of the year, however more recent comments have shown that the changes to the algorithm are simply not ready for the organic world just yet.

So far in October we have seen two fairly significant shifts of organic rankings across multiple industry results and that sentiment was echoed by website owners across the world, with speculation that one of the shifts related to the rolling Google Panda algorithm and some claiming that the secondary movements may well have been backlink based, but Google Penguin was ruled out when I reached out to Gary Illyes of Google about it.

Gary responded to my slightly cryptic question by stating that ‘[Google] penguin is not ready for primetime yet', clearly adding to the previous statements from his fellow Google insiders but with confirmation that the secondary movements seen around about 19th October were not Penguin, it seemed to take the focus of the pending algorithm change, until yesterday.

Twitter user @ShahMenz raised a question to Gary Illyes, again in a cryptic format, asking whether it would be too late for site owners to be able to take action against low quality links within their backlink profile (and supply a disavow file to Google), in an protective measure to avoid the upcoming Google Penguin update.


Replying to the tweet, Gary Illyes replied:


With Gary clearly showing that it is not too late for site owners to review their backlink profile and take action on spammy/low quality links pointing into their site, now is the time for any site to be taking a hard look at their profile, creating or updating their disavow file with all of the instances that they would rather the algorithm change did not take into account.

The reason for the delay of the Penguin algorithm is still not clear but with previous comments around it pointing to Google’s intention to make a rolling update a reality, we believe that this could prolong the release as testers look to monitor the impact that it has on a closed dataset initially, however clarity has never been a Google strong point.

Are you confident that you have done enough to give yourself the best chance of avoiding the Google Penguin algorithm changes?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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